OK director. It's up to you... 

Please make note of...

1. Logo Animation

2. Graphic Look & Feel

3. Music Selection

4. Colour Grading

5. Key Messaging

In order to keep Out of the Box as hassle-free as possible, we'll need your creative input up front. Please make a note of which multiple choice options you would like to see in your production. And remember to leave these details with us before we book in a date to shoot!


Logo Animation

Time to choose a logo animation.


Do you have a .PSD, .AI, .PNG, or high quality .JPEG file of your logo? If so these are great files for us to work with, depending on their quality and size they'll make for a great animated intro. Be sure to send this after completing your order.


 No logo file? No problem! We will simply spell out your company name in brand-neutral lettering. We will also place your logo on a dark, light, or brand-coloured background depending on it's colour scheme.

Your Logo on Can pop in
Your Logo on Can pop in

press to zoom
Your Logo on Can flip in
Your Logo on Can flip in

press to zoom
Your Logo on Can pull in
Your Logo on Can pull in

press to zoom
Your Logo on Can pop in
Your Logo on Can pop in

press to zoom

We will also create a dark or light background depending on your logo colour scheme, but leave that to us:

Your Logo on Dark Static.gif
Your Logo on Brand COlours Static.gif
Your Logo on White Static.gif



Look & Feel

For those looking to use on-screen text, we have three graphic design styles for your to choose from.


Our most dynamic option uses a brand neutral font (Bebas Neue) and range of animation options, for best reults, keep your word count down to a minium when choosing this option.


For more word heavy information where legibility is key, our default font for this is Bebas Naue, but feel free to provide font files and advise as per your own brand guidelines.


This is a more minimal option that free's up as much space on screen as possible, allowing the visual to do the talking. For this option we advise a lower word count than option 2.

Option 1 gif.gif


option 3 gif.gif
option 2 gif.gif






In our online music library you're sure to discover the soundtrack to your brand. All of the songs are cut down to 60 seconds and categorised for easy browsing. Take a listen to the examples below or browse our full library.

[Opens in its own window]

Try a few examples...

BUSINESS - Facebook
CREATIVE - Cheesecake
UPLIFTING - Amsterdam
UPLIFTING - Gotta Love




Out of the Box Colour​: We've made a neutral yet vibrant colour profile suitable for all types of video. Bright highlights, contrast-y shadows and a healthy dose of saturation keep it  colourful and inviting.

Colour grading is the equivalent of adding a "filter" to your images.

Consider which of the following looks suits your brand.

Cinematic Colour​: The cinematic look is inspired by Fuji filmstock, featuring a muted pallete and a "faded film" look noticeable in the shadows. A creative colour grade for the Instagram age.

Black and White: For the bold, the brave, and the edgy. Does what it says on the tin really. This can be used with great effect for those wishing to accentuate the colours of their on screen text.




If you wish to include on-screen text in your film, it's really important to establish your key messages up front.

As a standard out-of-the box production lasts 60 seconds (including an intro and outro) we recommend that you use a maximum of six key messages, allowing sufficient screen time for legibility, and leaving room for us to intersperse the messages with footage shot at your location.

If we're concerned that there may not be sufficient screen time in the edit, we may streamline the wording to benefit the look and feel of the film, with your permission!

If you wish to provide your web-link, email address, phone number, or physical address - leave this with us and we can display this at the end of the film.